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What is a Wedding Guest Tracker

Wedding guest tracker is as simple as it sounds. An online form to track your wedding guest or for that matter any event you are having.  Many brides to be organising their upcoming wedding would probably start with a blank pad and a pen and start listing relatives and friends they are going to invite to their wedding.

By using a wedding guest tracker you simply start adding relative and friends names on the list. You then add their street address which city they are in the relationship to the bride and groom. Being an easy online list to refer to you can also add what table they will be seated at and if you have sent them a thank you card for their gift or for something special they may have done to contribute to your wedding.  Just add, subtract from your wedding guest tracker, it’s that easy.

Don’t Lose the List – Use Wedding Guest Tracker

A wedding guest tracker takes the place of your scribbled list on paper. I’m sure this has happened to many a bride to be over the years, where they have misplaced their wedding list and have had to start again. “Where’s the Wedding List”…. not funny! This simply won’t happen in future with a wedding guest tracker.

Wedding guest tracker makes is easy to follow and is presented on an excel spread sheet that you can use to mark off accepted or declined, invited to reception, seating arrangements, if your guest is vegan under food choice. You could also make new headings for instance if you have international guests attending and they have asked you to arrange accommodation, you can keep track to make sure this is done and your overseas guests are not neglected.

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Many guests don’t wait for the wedding day to give a gift so you can use the wedding guest tracker to make down when a gift is received so you don’t forget to send the thank you card after the wedding.

A wedding guest tracker is a great way to keep the bride and groom on track so everyone knows exactly whose coming, where they are coming from and even how long they’ll be staying.  Because wedding guest tracker is a simple excel sheet it makes it easy for you to share the list with caterers, reception centres and other family members keeping track of your wedding guests and plans as you go.

You can download your own Wedding Guest Tracker by clicking on this link.

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