Discount Wedding Dresses | $100 at LaPosh Bridal

This beautiful Discount Wedding Dress below is NOW ON SALE FOR $100.00….

Discount Wedding Dresses $100 at LaPosh Bridal

You are not seeing things… and NO, you do not have double vision, this is the Sale you have been waiting for. Why pay thousands of $$$$$$ for your wedding dress when you can now buy your discount wedding dress from LaPosh Bridal.

It’s true, LaPosh Bridal in Perth – Western Australia have approximately 100 discount wedding dresses @ $100.00 each.

BONUS OFFER when you Purchase your Discount Wedding Dress

With Every wedding dress purchased for $100.00 you will also receive the following FREE GIFT  – Beauty Secret Stick On Bra Valued @ $19.95 yours FREE with your $100.00 Discount Wedding Dress.

Watch the video below to see more discount wedding dresses @ $100.00

All discount wedding dresses are BRAND NEW and priced to go right now for $100.00 each. If you see one below that you simply must have, please call Elaine right now on 0413 477 610 if you are in Australia and if calling outside Australia dial (+61) 413 477610.

Discount Wedding Dress #13#13 Only $100

Discount Wedding Dress #16 $100#16 Only $100

Discount Wedding Dress #17 $100#17 Only $100

You can also connect with Elaine on Facebook and ask her questions directly on her wall or via Facebook messaging.


With Every wedding dress purchased for $100.00 you will also receive the following FREE GIFT  – Beauty Secret Stick On Bra Valued @ $19.95 yours FREE with your $100.00 Wedding Dress.

We also have a range of Bridesmaid Dresses and Flower Girl Dresses at very low prices. Ask Elaine on our Facebook Page.


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How to Lace Up Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses


Make sure that the ribbon is centered, there should be a seam in the middle to guide you.

How to Lace Up Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses | La Posh Bridal

Start lacing from the top and lace under the loop not over.

Work your way down and alternate each loop so the ribbon criss-crosses.

Lace up to the waist, then pull each loop tight.

Finish lacing the rest of the wedding or bridesmaid dress.

How to Lace Up Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses | La Posh Bridal

Starting from the top, pull each loop tight and work your way down to the bottom as shown in image 6.

How to Lace Up Wedding and Bridesmaid Dresses | La Posh Bridal

You can tuck the ribbon into the back of the dress or tie in a bow that sits elegantly on the outside.


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Made to Measure Wedding Dresses

Made to Measure Wedding Dresses | La Posh Bridal Perth Western Australia

Imagine walking down that aisle in a perfectly fitted wedding gown that flatters your figure and makes you look and feel even more beautiful on this special day. Naturally, for every bride, one of the most important aspects of preparing for her wedding day is having the perfect dress that would make people ooohhh and ahhhh.  

If you are in the dilemma of choosing among a multitude of wedding dresses at the moment, you should seriously consider going for a custom-made one instead of selecting a ready made dress.

The Benefits of a Made to Measure Wedding Dress

Made to measure wedding dresses are now preferred by a lot of brides because of the following benefits:

Perfect Fit– The top-most benefit of made to measure wedding dresses is getting a perfect fit. You have your measurements taken and you can go for several fittings and avail of unlimited alterations which are all part of the package. This way, you are assured of the perfect fit that is most pleasing for your body type.

Chosen Design– In addition, you can simply go through wedding dresses on the Internet and in various magazines to choose the design you want. You can even combine different ones and explain your chosen design to the dressmaker or couturier. As a result, you need not waste time and effort going from one store to another and not finding what you really want.

Preferred Material– Another benefit is that you can actually select the material you want. Pick out the fabrics and accents yourself from the choices presented to you or request them from your provider. Some even allow you to choose the fabric yourself.

Made to Measure Wedding Dresses | La Posh Bridal Perth Western Australia

Gain the above benefits from custom-made wedding dresses from those that come off the rack. Unless you are in a hurry, this option can certainly make the most discerning bride happy.

The Importance of Correct Measurements

When it comes to the made to measure alternative, it is very important to have the correct measurements before the dress is created. When ordering online you can achieve this by following these tips below…

Professional Seamstress– Never attempt to take measurements of yourself or you may end up with the wrong figures that will cost you more in the long run and delay the completion of your dress. It is also advisable to ask a professional seamstress or dressmaker to do the correct measuring if you intend to submit to an online couturier.

Made to Measure Wedding Dresses | La Posh Bridal Perth Western Australia

Necessary Measurements– Find out what measurements are required for the type of dress you intend to have made. Usually, for wedding dresses, the general figures needed include measurements for waist, hips, upper bust, full bust, under bust, nipple to nipple, length of shoulder to bust, front figure, back figure, shoulder to shoulder, and length from waist to hem. For dresses with sleeves, it is best to measure arm hole, arm length, and length of armpit to elbow. Indeed you must keep in mind that having complete measurements can lead to better results for your dream wedding gown. 

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Wedding Dresses on Sale Perth

Wedding Dresses on Sales PerthFor most brides, one of the first things that come to mind after saying yes to a marriage proposal is the wedding dress. Indeed if you are currently planning your big day in Perth, you are probably excited to check out the different dresses that you can choose from to make you look extra beautiful and glamorous as a bride.

There may be plenty of wedding dresses Perth stores can offer but of course you must know how to pick one that does not only suit your physical appearance but also fits your budget. Thus, you have to be wise in order to find the top quality wedding dresses on sale where you can end up with your dream dress.

How to Choose the Perfect Dress for You

Indeed it can be confusing to shop for wedding dresses Perth shops have. To help you out, it can be easier to go through the alternatives online. Often you will find given categories for wedding dresses that indicate the type of look, style, and theme. Use these to make your search more efficient. Surely you will also love browsing through the pictures and being able to zoom in on the details. You must also read the descriptions as well as the fabric used, the accents included, and other pertinent details that can help you decide.

Wedding Dresses on Sales Perth for the Full Figure

Know your body type and what are suitable for it. For instance, if you are heavy-chested with a prominent cleavage, you may want to go for one with a sheer cover on this area instead of a sweetheart tube type with noticeable accents on top. If you have flabby arms, you should choose off-shoulder dresses or those with stylish sleeves that can provide the needed cover.

Plan your wedding theme and venue. If you have decided on a vintage theme, you must pick out a matching dress from a Perth wedding dress sale. On the other hand, if your venue is on a beach, it is best to get a flowing dress that is a bit revealing and not too formal. Thus, you have to consider these things before you waste plenty of time skimming through wedding dresses Perth that may not be appropriate for your use. Be sure to make good use of your time because there are still tons of preparations you need to be thinking about and working on.

Wedding Dresses on Sales Perth Halter Neck

Why You Ought to Stay Within a Budget

Why do you need to look for a Perth wedding dress sale? Keep in mind that even though this is a once-in-a-lifetime event, being practical is still essential. This means that you must stay within a budget and thus choose from inexpensive wedding dresses on sale. Nobody would know unless you tell them. You can still look stylish, beautiful, and elegant if you know where to look and buy.

You have to for discounted or bargain prices because your wedding dress is not the only important matter in your wedding preps. Food, for one, can cost a lot especially if you have a lot of guests. Hence you should take note of all the expenses and decide on your priorities.

Furthermore, the dress will be used only once so it does not make sense to spend so much for it.

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Wedding Dresses Perth | Wear White or Dare to be Different

Wedding Dresses LaPosh Bridal Perth | Black Detail

WAS $450.00 NOW $399.00

Wedding dresses are traditionally white, however depending on the theme of the wedding the bride doesn’t have to wear white.  Dating back to the 19th century, white wedding dresses were made popular by Queen Victoria.  It is also a known fact that in Eastern cultures wedding dresses chosen are often red to symbolize auspiciousness.

Back in the early 19th century weddings were often arrange for political reasons to bring two families, two businesses or two countries together, rather than love being the common bond. This particularly happened among nobility ad the higher social classes where brides were expected to a gown that matched their social standing in society. Therefore white wedding dresses have become the norm over the years.

Wedding Dresses Perth LaPosh Bridal RedDare to be Different

White was once the traditional mourning colour of French Queens and prior to the Victorian era wedding dresses were any colour of the bride’s choice. Black wedding dresses were also very popular in Scandinavia, however these days it isn’t uncommon to find wedding dresses in black.

Wedding Dresses | A whiter Shade of Pale

Wedding dresses today, by western standards are traditionally “wedding white” which also includes eggshell, ecru and ivory. It was once thought that wedding dresses in pure white symbolized virginity, however it was the colour blue that was connected to the Virgin Mary, faithfulness and purity. In 2013 why we wear white doesn’t even cross our minds and with so many beautiful colour choices a white bridal gown is not necessarily a priority with some brides as long as they stand out on their wedding day and feel like a princess.

Wedding Dresses Perth LaPosh Bridal

WAS $530.00 NOW $375.00

At LaPosh Bridal we supply wedding dresses that are sure to turn heads. From traditional white wedding dresses to Ivory and champagne and we also have wedding gowns with a twist. Brides today are choosing wedding dresses that are a little different and choosing to add colour to their dress in one form or another. Wedding dress from LaPosh Bridal can be made to measure so there is no problem getting the perfect fit for your wedding dress.

Wedding Dresses Perth | How to Measure

When choosing wedding dresses from LaPosh Bridal we tell you step by step how to take your precise measurements of your full body, so wedding dresses arrive at our clients doorsteps fitting the bride to be perfectly. Those wishing to purchase wedding dresses in Perth are welcome in store to meet the owner Elaine Becker, who has had years of experience in dressing women from small to voluptuous and looks forward to helping brides to be, not only choose their wedding dresses but also bridesmaid, flower girl dresses and mother of the bride.

Visit our online store today and save hundreds on all our exquisite  wedding dresses.




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Wedding Dresses Perth | Bridal Gowns to make you Feel Special

Wedding Dresses Perth


Wedding Dresses Perth | LaPoshBridal

Wedding Dresses Perth | LaPoshBridal | Perth

Looking to make your wedding celebration perfect? At wedding dresses Perth, place great importance on the bride and groom’s attire as it’s one of the most important factors of your wedding ceremony.  The bride’s look is one that needs to be special to create the best memories. Australian weddings are becoming special events on Perth’s social calendars with large sums of money being spent on the best wedding dresses Perth has available.

At present, wedding dresses Perth serves people in providing elegant designer bridal dresses that match every bride’s sense of style. It is a common expectation of every bride to look beautiful and stunning on her wedding day and even the groom wants his bride to look special so their wedding day is a day to remember always. This being the case, many wedding dress stores bring some of the best traditional and customised bridal gowns that follow the latest trends of the best designers around the world.

The wedding dress market in Perth is making a good impression online, in terms of convenience and availability. Many local residents and brides to be around the globe are purchasing bridal gowns and various types of wedding accessories from Perth, Western Australia.

Wedding Dresses Perth | Accessories

Diamante Tiara

The recent global economy and the involvement of global customers play an important role in boosting the wedding attire industry in Perth. When shopping for an individual gown, a bride first looks for the best quality. Perth, Western Australia, is a perfect place to provide every bride the most beautiful bride dresses of the best quality. LaposhBridal, online wedding dress store is the popular online store for Perth Brides when purchasing designer wedding dresses.

 Vintage Wedding Dresses Perth LaPoshBridal

Online wedding dresses Perth is the best store that offers contemporary to vintage look wedding gowns, bridesmaid dresses, flower girl dresses, bridal accessories, and mother of the bride, now available at their online store. When buying a bridal gown most brides have their wedding theme in mind already. As you know, the wedding dress market is full of many choices for today’s bride. So, you need to be careful when choosing the right dress for your wedding day. Once you understand the style and your budget, you can go for the best collection online. So, what are you waiting for? For the most unique bridal accessories and designer wedding collections buy online. Today!

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A Vintage Wedding | Get the Look

A Vintage wedding is big on the list with brides in 2013. Many brides are choosing the romantic style of a vintage wedding not only because it’s their special day, they also want their vintage wedding to stick in the memories of their friends and relatives for years to come.

Bride, 1968.

Bride, 1968. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Old wedding dresses handed down through the generations are being remodeled to suite and fit the bride for a vintage wedding look in 2013.

You’ll want your vintage wedding theme to run from the invitations through to the vintage wedding dress, flowers, and vintage wedding cars. You may even want a vintage or rustic wedding setting for your reception and ceremony. A horse drawn carriage is a beautiful way to make an entrance to your special day or even on horseback, riding side saddle for the more adventurous bride.

Here are some clever ideas to add to your vintage wedding look.

The Vintage Wedding Dress

A Vintage Wedding | Get the Look | LaPosh Bridal

Vintage Wedding Dress | LaPosh Bridal

The only trouble you’ll have is choosing the most suitable vintage wedding dress for your special day. You’ll want to complete your vintage look with accessories, ranging from your shoes, jewellery, ring pillows etc…..

Vintage Wedding Shoes

When shopping for wedding shoes, you’ll want to choose shoes that match your dress and if you’re tall you can often choose simple ballet flats. Other brides wanting a genuine vintage look will often hunt around vintage wedding suppliers to find the perfect pair of shoes or buy a vintage look wedding shoe.

Vintage Wedding Shoes | LaPoshBridal

Vintage Wedding Shoes | LaPoshBridal

Flowers to complete your Look

Every bride wants her wedding bouquet to be a stand out and that includes a vintage wedding bouquet. Usually the brides flowers are white with a splash of colour however the 2013 bride doesn’t mind a splash of colour not only to match the bridal party but also to make a statement.

Two men wearing morning coats at a wedding. 1929.

Two men wearing morning coats at a wedding. 1929. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The flower theme usually flows through the entire wedding from the brides bouquet, the grooms button hole, the bridesmaids through to the table centre pieces as shown below in the gorgeous arrangement.

Angel Flowers Table Bouquet

Angel Flowers Table Bouquet

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Free Wedding Guest Tracker

Wedding Guest Tracker | LaPosh Bridal | Perth

What is a Wedding Guest Tracker

Wedding guest tracker is as simple as it sounds. An online form to track your wedding guest or for that matter any event you are having.  Many brides to be organising their upcoming wedding would probably start with a blank pad and a pen and start listing relatives and friends they are going to invite to their wedding.

By using a wedding guest tracker you simply start adding relative and friends names on the list. You then add their street address which city they are in the relationship to the bride and groom. Being an easy online list to refer to you can also add what table they will be seated at and if you have sent them a thank you card for their gift or for something special they may have done to contribute to your wedding.  Just add, subtract from your wedding guest tracker, it’s that easy.

Don’t Lose the List – Use Wedding Guest Tracker

A wedding guest tracker takes the place of your scribbled list on paper. I’m sure this has happened to many a bride to be over the years, where they have misplaced their wedding list and have had to start again. “Where’s the Wedding List”…. not funny! This simply won’t happen in future with a wedding guest tracker.

Wedding guest tracker makes is easy to follow and is presented on an excel spread sheet that you can use to mark off accepted or declined, invited to reception, seating arrangements, if your guest is vegan under food choice. You could also make new headings for instance if you have international guests attending and they have asked you to arrange accommodation, you can keep track to make sure this is done and your overseas guests are not neglected.

English: An Alabama Bride showing her joy on t...

Many guests don’t wait for the wedding day to give a gift so you can use the wedding guest tracker to make down when a gift is received so you don’t forget to send the thank you card after the wedding.

A wedding guest tracker is a great way to keep the bride and groom on track so everyone knows exactly whose coming, where they are coming from and even how long they’ll be staying.  Because wedding guest tracker is a simple excel sheet it makes it easy for you to share the list with caterers, reception centres and other family members keeping track of your wedding guests and plans as you go.

You can download your own Wedding Guest Tracker by clicking on this link.

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Cocktail Dresses are Not Just for Cocktail Parties

Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses are not only worn to cocktail parties, you can choose to wear a cocktail dress to many different events. However before you buy a cocktail dress it is really vital that you check out the latest trends and styles. Cocktail dresses are not solely worn to cocktail parties but also other special events especially at this time of year. This is the perfect type of dress if you are attending a Christmas or New Year’s Eve party for example. Before you purchase your new cocktail dresses, it’s vital that you check out the most recent trends for 2012 – 2013. Cocktail dresses are typically designed by designers for runway models or celebrities. You should make sure that the cocktail dresses you decide on not only fits your budget but are also extremely comfortable.

You are sure to find extensive catalogues full of evening cocktail dresses out there in malls, boutiques or online. You’ll contemplate the numerous designs and patterns out there when choosing cocktail dresses for example, off the shoulder, halter neck, V neckline or sweet heart neckline. There are various patterns and styles out there that should be decided on wisely. You’ll be able to select from multi-tiered skirts to high or low hemline patterns or ruffled hemlines if in vogue.

Cocktail Dresses

Choosing the right cocktail dress for the right occasion is not an easy task. It is vital that the cocktail dresses you purchase fit you perfectly. Do check the fitting as per your body structure. Completely different body shapes look good in numerous different styles. It’s not rational that the dress that’s on the mannequin will match you perfectly. So it is vital that you take correct measurements of yourself before you choose to buy one. Most experienced online traders have correct sizing charts to make it easy for you to make the right size choice.

You need to ensure that you are comfortable in what you decide to wear. Cocktail dresses that give you an excellent fit can be very flattering. Be sure to select cocktail dresses to hide your figure flaws completely. If you have a model figure you could even choose a ball gown for your special even or function.

Take into consideration the occasion for which you’re choosing to buy  cocktail dresses. If it’s a wedding you’ll be able to opt for cocktail dresses with different types of gilding / beading. If it is for a political formal party, you’ll opt in for something stylish yet elegant. Guarantee that you are shopping for quality fabric as cocktail dresses created out of low cost fabric literally look just that….. low cost and unflattering.

When choosing a colour for your dress, pick the one that compliments your complexion. A short black cocktail dress is a must have for every girl. But, if black isn’t your colour or you already have one, select red, shades of blue or purple for a more fun look.

 Cocktail Dresses

You can go for a lovely purple strapless dress with a rhinestone belt. This can give you an elite and sophisticated look. If you want to create an impact, choose a stunning strapless knee length dress with perhaps some beading on the bodice. You will be sure to turn heads wearing this glitzy cocktail dress.

Once you have chosen your beautiful cocktail dress, don’t forget to buy accessories that match your outfit to reinforce your look. Decide on a combination of shoes and a stunning clutch / purse to accessorise your look.


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Choose your Perfect Wedding Dress

Choose your Perfect Wedding Dress at

Dreaming about your wedding dress and your upcoming wedding plans? Lots of brides dream about their perfect dress months before the engagement day. Picking the perfect gown is significant not only so you will look your most beautiful on your special day, you will also have the admiring eyes of all your guests. It’s important to choose a style of wedding dress that will flatter your figure in all the right places.

Choosing the best Wedding Dress

Today, many choices are available when it comes to choosing the best dress, but often the task can be tough when you have no idea where to start or the right place to buy the design that will suit your figure. Many options come into play when choosing a gown for your wedding, you should engage the services of an expert in bridal fashion. It’s best to choose someone that knows exactly how to measure you for the best fit. Elaine from La Posh Bridal is a qualified seamstress and knows how to adjust and alter ill fitting gowns. Not only does Elaine know what she’s doing when it comes to design, she is also extremely passionate about bridal fashion. The best advice for shopping for the right bridal gown is to shop at least six months or even a year before your wedding is to take place.

Deciding on and finding the right dress can take time so, you will want to make this task as easy on your feet and your pocket as possible. Our best suggestion to finding the right wedding dress and accessories is to try various types of wedding collections. An exact style of dress that looks attractive on the cover of a magazine may not match your figure. For this reason it is recommended that you try different styles before deciding on the right gown.

wedding dress

Are you Choosing a White Wedding Dress?

Many brides have the notion that the most suitable bride gown is a white one, but if you have an open mind you will discover there are countless wedding dress options that will suit your style. Try cream, ivory or even silver coloured dresses and check whether it will match your skin tone or not. In order to choose the perfect wedding dress, you may need the support of your loved ones, such as your mother or bridesmaids or close friends. Your friends and loved ones are sure to give you an honest opinion so you make sure you definitely have the right wedding dress for the day. Well, one of the best places to find your dream dress is the online medium. The internet is one of the best options when it comes to shopping for your wedding dress.

wedding dress

There are thousands of shopping websites on the internet that offer unique and wedding dresses at very affordable prices. LaPosh Bridal is one of the leading wedding dress stores in Perth, Western Australia offering wonderful wedding dress designs for your upcoming marriage. You can buy these dresses easily online with the help of our do it yourself sizing charts. Your wedding day is one of the most special days of your life and buying  the right wedding dress at the right price, will make your wedding day more special than you can imagine. Shop online Now at LaPosh Bridal for more wedding dress choices than you can ever imagine for your special day.

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